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Petition Facebook it’s time for you to have customer service that doesn’t suck

This does incredible damage to the safety and integrity of Instagram as a social media platform. Please sign this petition to have action taken (i.e termination of accounts, removal of the post, or criminal justice to be served) against each account spreading the video. \nSecond of all, we should make it a requirement that people signing up to create social media accounts online should have to provide ID to prove who they are and how old they are. This can help social media companies tailor the type of content people see in order to protect them and in addition, enable people to be held accountable for their illegal behaviour online.

Moms for Josh Allen start petition to tell QB, “it’s going to be OK” – WKBW 7 News Buffalo

Moms for Josh Allen start petition to tell QB, “it’s going to be OK”.

Posted: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

We all work voluntarily and unpaid and we have expenses for example for flyers, demonstrations or traveling. We are looking forward to your contribution, that we can keep doing our successful campaigning direct in the European Parliament, on the street or on the internet and stop the directive. \nIssues such as the potentially EU-wide ancillary copyright law and content recognition technologies – commonly known as “upload filters” – are still unresolved.

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Pets are actually stolen off of the street, taken from their loving homes and killed in the most painful ways possible. I am absolutely disgraced to be human if that’s what other humans will do for no good reason. Some of us clearly have no humanity in us if we can do this to poor defenceless animals or just sit back and pretend it’s not happening because it is happening… So please be the right kind of human and have humanity, sign the petition do these animals good and pass it on so we have a greater chance of stopping this. \nToday I am asking social media companies to help me bring this change.

  • If Facebook doesn’t build a better customer service experience for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp users then it is time for us to leave Facebook behind.
  • Choose whether you want it to be shared on Twitter or Facebook, and your petition will automatically be posted to your friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter.
  • Instagram has no reason to keep these accounts up while they garner over 100 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS.
  • This has to stop every animal can feel pain people need to stop thinking that because they can’t speak they can’t feel either and that means we control them but we don’t!
  • We’ve laid out the best ways to share your petition with your social networks and others who care about your goal to get the signatures you need to achieve change.
  • We need to tell Facebook loud and clear that allowing gun sales and trades — which could easily put firearms in the hands of criminals and dangerous people — is a threat to public safety and the security of our families.

Thomas Paine said “A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” Facebook is clearly not taking responsibility for their mistakes. & they don’t have to because no one is holding them accountable for them. If you have been hacked then banned on Facebook & now can’t even contact them to attempt to resolve the issue, sign this Petition to HOLD FACEBOOK ACCOUNTABLE to their users. It might not help us get our accounts back but it’s better than doing absolutely nothing & letting them get away with what they are doing to us. \nThe young girl deserves to not have child pornography of her go viral across the internet.


This was due to Facebook’s buggy and horribly designed 2-Factor Authentication system which frequently fails to send SMS codes, bars users from repeat requests, and has no viable alternative options. During this time it is impossible for a business owner, group admin, or page admin to access various tools such as Facebook Ads , Business Manager, Creator, and Group Moderation. It has been a full week and most of those locked out during this crash are still locked out and there is no recourse, no word from Facebook, no way to get them to fix the problem for those users.

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Other online platforms including Craigslist, eBay, and Google+ have already prohibited these sales and it’s time for Facbook and Instagram to join them. 69% of females between the ages 10 and 18 state that photographs of models and celebrities in the media motivated their “ideal” body shape . 71% of people admit to using Facetune to edit their photos before posting on Instagram . Social media, specifically Instagram, is one of the biggest factors behind negative body image and eating disorders in adolescents. Are you fighting a longer-term campaign, one that many groups and individuals might want to tweet about? Create a hashtag for your campaign so that supporters can follow the campaign updates and talk to one another on social media.

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Sign up and share the #OwnYourData petition now, and let’s take back our rights. We petition to ask Facebook to hold itself accountable and develop a pathway for account reactivation for users stuck in this situation. \nb) The platforms cannot disclaim their responsibility for the content and must invest in employing enough resources to promptly change org facebook deal with complaints and reports pertaining to the intimidation of women. \nThe Internet is a public platform, viewed as an open, transparent, democratic and equal platform used by all sections of society. Social media forms a large part of our professional and personal lives but with it, comes digital harassment and targeted abuse.

Does Change.org is legit?

(Change) is a multimillion dollar for-profit private company, not a nonprofit public charity as many falsely assume. The company began as a nonprofit that connected charities to donors, but has transitioned into a for-profit company that makes money by selling advertised petitions on its website, Change.org.

We ask the Instagram team to consider this change thoughtfully. China is one of if not the worst country when it comes to animal cruelty, each year thousands of animals are brutally killed and in front of each other. This has to stop every animal can feel pain people need to stop thinking that because they can’t speak they can’t feel either and that means we control them but we don’t! Animals were here first this is their world not ours we need to respect them! In the photo attached to this petition you can see a dog very much still alive having a leg sawn off and there’s more to come for that terrified dog and many other animals.

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It has become clear that Facebook only likes people for their data and they do not want to have humans actually help out their human users. It doesn’t matter if you pay them or not, their customer service system is designed to be self-serve only and questions in their own help center go frequently unanswered or the answers provided are not helpful to users. After Facebook come back online from its crash on March 13th, 2019 thousands of people woke up to find themselves locked out of their accounts at the social media giant and from applicable apps such as Spotify, Hulu, and Tinder.

\nJoin myself and my friends Sara Beverly, Lottie Adele, Sarah Moore, Dean Wato, Hayley and Jade in helping to police social media and hold the platforms accountable. \nWe must create an environment that shields us against abusive trolling, rape threats, and vulgar memes. We want the violators to pay a price commensurate to the havoc they create on women’s lives. \nFinally, in order to keep our young people safe I am requesting that anybody who has committed sexual offences or has been forced to sign the sex offenders register should be forced to declare this when signing up to social media. My reason for this is that people are more accessible online than they may be in the real world therefore it makes them more vulnerable to being targeted. I am making this petition directly to Meta for Messenger because I am deaf and I have hearing friends who I video chat with everyday.